Elan Arch
Restaurant London, UK

Year Of Planning



London, UK


Mojca Sterle


7168.76 sq. ft.
(666 sq. m)



We designed the Indian Vegetarian Restaurant with an extensive buffet area and a capacity upto 120 seats.

The goal was to make fresh contemporary design with worm and pleasant Indian feel. Contemporary, interior design have touch of Indian tradition in materials and decoration. At the entrance in front of the decorative wall is a reception desk and large sweet bar for sweets with refrigerated, glass showcases. Opposite the bar is a seating area where guests can have refreshment drinks and wait for a free table in the restaurant.

In order to provide guests more privacy and intimacy, the large dining area is divided into smaller groups with subtle lighting islands and decorative elements. In the back part of restaurant is buffet, divided from main dining room with different ceiling design and decorative wall.


Buffet wall decorated with bespoke, artistic photographs of food dishes which is encouraging the guests to culinary experience. Uniquness of the restaurant is contributing the main decoration theme: rollers and ropes, inserted and lighted in wooden frames as part of wall claddings and decorative walls are important contributors to restaurant authenticity and branding. All materials are light colours to form fresh and contemporary ambience. Wooden elements like wall claddings, decorative walls, tables are from oak wood in light tone.

  • Year Of Planning : 2016
  • Year Of Build :
  • Location : Ealing, London, UK
  • Architect : Mojca Sterle
  • Size : 538.19 sq. ft. (50 sq. m)
  • Value :
  • Industry :