Elan Arch

Heston Avenue, TW5

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United Kingdom

We present a design concept for a versatile living space that provides individuals with the option to either enjoy a serene retirement or engage in social interactions. The thoughtfully curated environment, devoid of unnecessary clutter, aims to transport occupants to a tranquil state of repose through ample natural light and ventilation. At the heart of the room, a strategically positioned white cube serves as a functional zoning element, effectively partitioning the living space into five distinct areas: an active pastime zone, a designated TV area, a dedicated dressing space, a private relaxation enclave, and a central relaxation area nestled within the pristine white volume. This architectural approach ensures a harmonious balance between individual retreat and communal engagement within the context of UK standards.

By incorporating angled walls in the first-floor extension, we adhered to the 45-degree rule mandated by local planning authorities, ensuring preservation of neighbors’ access to daylight and sunlight. Rather than viewing these angled walls as a mere technical solution, we extended their design impact to the ground floor, introducing a bold dynamism to the overall architecture of the house.

Our design approach involved a creative and imaginative utilization of the house extension layout, seamlessly integrating it with the garden space. Meticulous attention to detail was employed to address all specifics, resulting in a cohesive and integrated scheme. This creative extension design not only met our clients’ desire for an exhilarating transformation but also significantly expanded the living space on both the storey of the extension.