Elan Arch
Flats Slough, UK

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United Kingdom


Mojca Sterle


4682.3 sq. ft.
(435 sq. m)



The site lies on the north side of High Street in a terrace building. It has an area of one tenth of an acre, and comprises of an almost rectangular plot which is 10.3 meters wide by 34.55 meters long. The existing property consists of 3 storey buildings in residential use on all upper floors, plus commercial use on ground floor.

The proposal is to Re-Development Comprising of 2 Storey Rear Extension with 6 Studio Flats and Conversion of Existing Building into 4 One Bedroom Flats and provide ground floor storage space associated with existing and proposed use.

Dynamic design set backs in intervals, which makes final look of the proposed extension smaller and closer to human scale. Unpleasant Effect of blind, empty, heavy wall of the neighbouring property is softened by the shape of the proposed built, which is merging in surrounding architectural concept.


The external materials, fenestration and roof profile have been designed to match the street-scene. Front elevation from the High Street is maintained same look along with an addition of an entry door for the flat units.

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Year Of Planning


Year Of Build

United Kingdom

The proposal is to demolish the existing house and develop Five Bedroom Detached Dwellings on the site. Dwelling will have a private landscaped rear garden, four car parking spaces in front of the house, and one parking space in the garage on the ground floor of the house.
The Ground Floor of the proposed house accommodates a living room, dining and kitchen areas, WC, garage, and hall with stairs to the first floor. The First Floor accommodates 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a hallway.