Elan Arch
Primary School Ljubljana, Slovenia

Year Of Planning





Mojca Sterle,
Gorazd Ravnikar,
Andrej Ravnikar,
Domen Sega Project performed by: Dia d.o.o.


RENOVATED: 32291.73 sq ft
(3 000 sq m) SIZE NEW BUILD 35520.90 sq ft


6,690,000 EUR

Primary School Renovation and Extension

Challenge was to renovate and extened the existing school into a modern high capacity school with a total net floor area of 6,300 m2, of which newly build 3,300 m2 and refurbished 3,000 m2.

Existing School Renovation:

Existing school was built in 1965. The development consists three parts: a central school facility with classrooms, study cabinets, library, management offices, kitchen, dining room and restrooms. Second part is development with gym and third part is building with additional classrooms in bad condition and inadequate designed. All together the capacity of the existing school and the existing facilities, do not meet today’s needs. According to the analysis we retained and renovated only the central school building and existing small gym.


New School Extension Design:

To meet conditions of a modern school we have located the new extension building on the northeast side of the plot. At the point between the existing and new building, we planned centrally located, new main access for all students, connected to the new vertical communication core and new gym area. The main entrance is located on the high ground floor level, accessed by external staircase and a ramp. New school building comprises new, large gym directly connected with the outdoor playgrounds, twelve classrooms, study cabinets and restrooms in upper two floors.

Renovation of the Existing School Building:

Old school was renovated and redesigned according to new standards. We highly improved space management for kitchen, dining area. We increased, redesigned and relocated library, students wardrobe part, and technically improved specialized classrooms. The communal areas were redesigned as students friendly zone,in the way to increase student’s collaboration and socializing.

  • Year Of Planning : 2011-2012
  • Year Of Build : 2013
  • Location : Slovenia
  • Architect : Mojca Sterle, Gorazd Ravnikar, Andrej Ravnikar
  • Size : 30138.95 sq.ft. (2800 m2)
  • Value :
  • Industry : Education