Elan Arch
Kindergarten Ljubljana, Slovenia

Year Of Planning





Mojca Sterle,
Gorazd Ravnikar,
Andrej Ravnikar Project performed by: Dia d.o.o.


47791.76 sq. ft.
(4440 sqm)



The challenge was to designed contemporary kindergarten with 13 playrooms on relatively small plot. We have to figure out how to provide all playrooms south orientation and direct accessed on outside playgrounds.

Second challenge was integrating sufficient parking area on the way to preserve as much as possible green outside surfaces. Our basic idea was to use all roofs as active playing surfaces.

We designed kindergarten with 13 playrooms. Main part of the development is ground floor with 7 playrooms which are surrounding internal patio. All playrooms are oriented towards south and they are designed in a way to have direct access on open area playgrounds in patio or in back garden. Those orientated towards internal patio are meant to be for the youngest group of children for easier supervision. With that in our mind we also designed and furnish patio garden which allows them to explore different textures, patterns, shapes and colours.

Delivery kitchen is located in north side due to easy access for delivery vans and multipurpose – staff room with easy accessibility on west.

On second floor we planned four playrooms for higher age group. They are also orientated towards south, with direct access on roof terrace playgrounds and with side exit to back garden playgrounds. Second floor also comprise gym-playroom and management offices.

All technical rooms, laundry, storage are in basement area. Due to relatively small plot we planned predominant part of basement as parking area for 30 vehicles.

For easier communication between different levels and to provide access for disabled we also integrated lift.

  • Year Of Planning : 2011-2012
  • Year Of Build : 2013
  • Location : Slovenia
  • Architect : Mojca Sterle, Gorazd Ravnikar, Andrej Ravnikar
  • Size : 30138.95 sq.ft. (2800 m2)
  • Value :
  • Industry : Education